Parent Infant Program

The Parent Infant Program is designed to give you and your child quality time together to experience Montessori. The Parent Infant Program assists parents in understanding how to help the child in their self formation as an independent human being. The program is intended for parents and children 3-18 months. Parents attend classes with their child and learn about the Montessori principles, materials, and how to apply it at home. Be a part of a group that shares experiences, observes and are guided through this crucial moment in a child’s life.

Classes will be held each Saturday for seven week sessions beginning Saturday, October 7, 2017. Limited space is available.

For more information please contact the school.


Infant Toddler Program: 6 weeks- 4 years

The Infant Toddler Program is a five day program Monday-Friday. Children are given the opportunity to work in an environment that is specifically prepared for them to meet their developmental needs and foster independent learning.

Modeling good nutrition and healthy food options are important for a child’s development. At Infant Community Montessori, we provide homemade lunch and snack that is made fresh daily and includes all the necessary components for a healthy meal.

Please contact the school for more information.