What Parents are Saying

“Maria Elena not only cares for children, but is well educated in early childhood development. Prior to opening ICM she worked for 17 years as a teacher at Near North Montessori. She still attends national conferences on Montessori education every February, and because of her professional involvement and the fact that there are few Montessori schools dedicated to children under three years old she has a regular stream of observers who come to learn more about her work. Her annual parent education nights and biennial conferences (although she will meet with parents at any time) are invaluable for learning more about how to support child development at home.
My view of children and their potential has been transformed by Maria Elena and this school.”

-Nell, parent

“Our daughter has been attending ICM for almost 2 years, since she was 14 months old.  We have been thrilled with the progress she has made there.  When she started at ICM, she was hungry for social interaction and developmental guidance that were beyond what we knew to offer at home.  At ICM, she has flourished.  Maria Elena Hernandez is a warm, patient, and highly skilled Montessori teacher, who has created a stimulating, accessible and safe environment for learning.  Each day consists of music, teamwork, puzzles, cooking, personal management skills (cleanliness, potty training, etc.) and self-directed learning.  Maria Elena also provides healthy, home-cooked lunches and snacks (that the children help prepare – as much as they can) each day. Our daughter has developed skills of language, interaction, and self-discipline that are making her a very happy and well-adjusted little girl.  And the guidance that we are receiving as parents helps us understand what our daughter is going through, and we now have options for dealing with issues productively.  We recommend this school very highly.” -Dan, parent

“I love ICM!  Our daughter went here from 3months to 3 years old and it was a beautiful experience for her and us as parents.  This is a very special place and parents who are looking for a warm nurturing enviornment for their child to grow and develop should call Maria Elena and see if she has a spot opening up.” -Hedy, parent

“My child is currently enrolled at ICM. Its the most warm, nurturing, loving environment. Montessori is a wonderful way to give your child confidence and independence. Cannot recommend ICM enough!!!” -Morgan, parent

“Maria Elena has a caring and nurturing side to her that is unparalleled, you would trust the life of your child in her hands. ” – Brent, parent